Wisconsin Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America


Competitive events give you the chance to stretch your skills, showcase accomplishments, and make positive changes in your families, careers, and communities ... oh yeah, and the events are a ton of fun!

Classroom Integration

FCCLA's national programs provide an established framework for carrying out projects in topics related to Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum. Each program has a set of guidelines, support materials, and recognition for achievements.

Career Connection

Explore career pathways and gain skills for success. Learn more.

Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS)

Save lives by educating others about traffic safety. Learn more.

Families First

Discover how you can strengthen family relationships. Learn more.

Financial Fitness

Teach others how to make, save, and spend money wisely. Learn more.

Leadership Service in Action

Take actions that improve the quality of life in your community. Learn more.

Power of One

Use your own power to set goals, work to achieve them, and enjoy the results. Learn more.

Stop the Violence

Empower youth with skills and resources to recognize, report, and reduce youth violence. Learn more.

Student Body

Discover the Healthy You , the Fit You , the Real You, and the Resilient You. Learn more.

Wisconsin Community Service Project

Participate in a collaborative project to improve teen traffic safety in Wisconsin through awareness and education. This project is optional. If you would like to join the cause, your proposal must focus on at least one of these areas: distracted driving, seat belt use, speeding, impaired driving, or peer passengers.

Learn more about the proposal requirements, timeline, and funding.
Viewing the scoring rubric.
Register your project.

Skill Demonstration Contests

Demonstrate your career-readiness skills at the National Cluster Meetings in the fall. There are a variety of categories to choose from, including culinary, fashion, interior design, speaking, technology, and online challenge events. Learn the rules.

STAR Events

Improve different aspects of your family, career, and community by competing in the STAR Events. There are four categories to help you find something that appeals to you. They are Foundational Events, Leadership Events, Career Preparation Events, and Online Events.

Prepare a project (either as a group or an individual) and compete at regional, state, and national levels. Learn the rules, view the categories, and find all the info for each category.
* This PDF is very in-depth; be sure you flip through to page 321 to find all the info you need to compete in each event category.

Additional state categories include (there is no national competition for these events):

LifeSmarts: Family & Consumer
Sciences Knowledge Bowl

Learn it and live it! Participate in this literacy competition and gain the tools you need to succeed in today's marketplace as consumers. That means being prepared to make smart financial investments, good decisions, and avoid the common traps many consumers encounter in the real world.

You begin the competition online and then move on to in-person, live championships. Teams of five members showcase their knowledge in:

  • personal finance
  • consumer rights and responsibilities (includes family, career, and community studies)
  • technology (includes fashion and housing design)
  • health and safety (includes food science, nutrition, early childhood, and human development)
  • environment (includes hospitality, tourism, and recreation)
  • FCCLA Knowledge

Questions come from a variety of sources and competitions take place at the National Cluster Meetings in the fall. Learn the rules.      Prepare and register at lifesmarts.org.

National Outreach Project

See first-hand how a small effort made by many can have a huge, positive impact. Participation in the National Outreach Project is optional. Involvement includes raising funds and collecting items from schools and communities through service. Past projects have included donating items for shelters or disaster relief and raising money for children's hospitals or hunger relief. Each year the national FCCLA chooses a new project.

Learn about this year's project.